Getting Started

Getting Started

So what is W.H.A.T.? 

W.H.A.T. stands for Wholesome, Healthy and Traditional.  It is based on the principles of Weston A. Price and his work studying various cultures throughout the world in the early 1900’s and his research into what healthy tribes and cultures ate (and didn’t eat)!

We believe our current culture could benefit from balancing out science and “new” health related discoveries with exploring the ways that traditional cultures ate and learn from what they did.  When we get too focused on one side we often miss out on valuable information that can positively impact our health!

W.H.A.T. started with a few moms who wanted to learn more about truly healthy eating, and we quickly realized that doing it together with other moms was going to be better than going alone.  So we started learning, researching, sharing, and occassionally talking each other down from a panic attack!  We started doing group shopping trips and tried to find ways to eat the way we wanted to eat without breaking our already stretched budgets.

As we have grown and people from outside our community in Wisconsin have heard about this, we realized we needed a place to converge.  And so The W.H.A.T. Network and was born!

Food Philosophy

There are many different food philosophies, diets, and eating plans out there.  Some names include Clean Eating, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Low-Fat, Low Carb, Atkins, etc.  While we may talk about some of them so we can understand what they are, we believe that a HEALTHY body should be able to include all food groups (I did not say all FOODS). We believe that all real food groups were given by God and therefore, have value when grown, raised or prepared in the best and most natural way.  We believe that we should be eating whole, real foods that are grown or raised without chemicals, drugs and genetic engineering.  That said, we agree that there may be value in eliminating certain foods or food groups for short term healing purposes, and that some people may need to do it for longer periods due to medical issues.  Those specifics will differ person to person and we are here to share knowledge and experience and encourage you to do the same.  As part of your whole health plan, we encourage you to find a holistic doctor that can help you with any specific medical questions or concerns that you are experiencing!

An Life-Long Adventure

No matter where your health currently stands, you need to realize you didn’t get there overnight.  People who know me have heard me say that this food journey is a life-long marathon and it also certainly an adventure!  If you are learning things that are opposite to what you have always been told, some of this will be exhausting and overwhelming.  I say that from experience!  But take heart…the best things in life do not come easy!  And change only happens when our discomfort with what is becomes greater than our desire to stay the same.  So don’t run from discomfort!

I want to encourage you to learn, to read, to do your own research, to question authority and to question the funding behind your sources.  Even if you agree with everything someone says, don’t just accept it as the truth.  If you do that, I can almost guarantee that at the first obstacle (budget, time, someone you love and respect telling you that you are wrong!) you will freak out, question what you know, or worse…give up.  If, however, you take it at a speed you can handle, you learn WHY you are doing things differently, you take the time to teach your family, then your results and the knowledge you gain will fuel your passion.  And nobody can take that away from you!

One more thing…offer yourself the grace to be wrong, to try something even it it doesn’t work for your family in the end!  The goal is not perfect eating or even perfect health.  The goal is simply to be able to enjoy your life, your relationships, your body, and use your body to do the work that you have been called to do!   You may still get sick.  Then the goal is to heal as quickly as you can, so you can carry on with your life!  And while we will primarily focus on food and other possible sources of toxins, we all need to understand that health is a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Rest, play, work, your relationships and your faith are as much a part of good health  as what you put in and on your body.

We look forward to getting to know you!  Here’s to a healthy, happier you!

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