The Traditional Table – Woodside Elementary

The Traditional Table – Woodside Elementary

What you put in and on your body greatly affects your health…positively or negatively. Our bodies were created to be fueled by whole foods such as vegetables, fruit, properly prepared grains, pastured/wild caught animal products, and healthy fats… NOT off genetically modified organisms, refined sugar, industrialized fats and chemicals like pesticides/herbicides, preservatives, and artificial colors.  When we fuel our body with junk, health problems occur.  If you look around your community, maybe even your family, you can see the effects of this…mild symptoms like skin conditions, behavior problems, and food sensitivities to serious medical conditions like asthma, heart disease, life threatening food allergies, cancer, and more can be all be caused by, or at least greatly affected by, what we eat. We know that it has not always been this way.  Thankfully we can look back in history to cultures who did not have high rates of disease, and eat what they ate.  We have thousands of years of evidence to teach us what to eat now to get and stay healthy!

Eating well does have some challenges.  WHAT should we eat?  When doctors and the media have been telling us to eat low fat, low sodium, low cholesterol, etc. for so many years, relearning new information takes some time!  WHERE can we buy healthy food when it is hard, if not impossible, to get it at the neighborhood grocery store?  Lastly, HOW do we afford (or justify) the more expensive food when the junk food is so cheap?

We have a solution that can help with all of these!


The Traditional Table is a healthy food fundraiser that gives you an opportunity to buy organic & sustainable groceries every month and allows your school to get a portion of the sales!!   We offer pastured, organic meats & eggs, sprouted grain breads,  maple syrup, raw honey, unrefined coconut oil, line caught tuna, tomatoes in glass jars, gluten free pastas, and more.  NEW FOR THE 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR…we are now offering organic produce!

Now before you blow this off as too expensive, you need to know that MOST OF THE PRODUCTS HERE ARE LESS EXPENSIVE than retail at local grocery stores or farms…plus, you don’t have to travel far to get them. That means that, not only is this a great opportunity for your school to make some extra funds for student enrichment, but it is also a good deal for your family budget. Since we are also supporting local businesses and farms whenever possible, it’s truly a win-win-win!!

You don’t have to have a child in the school to participate, you only have to be willing to pick up your groceries at that school.  So, don’t keep this information to yourself … please share this fundraiser with your neighbors, friends and family!

We try to periodically add new things, so check back often.  If there is a natural / organic / local product that you use and would like to see us carry, just let us know and we will see if we can begin a relationship with that business or farmer.

For more FAQ, click here!


Order Deadline: SEE BELOW (all orders must be submitted and money in by that date)
Pick Up Dates: SEE BELOW
Pick Up Time: 4 – 5 pm.  (Typically we sort food from 3:15-4:00 so we cannot accommodate early pickup.  Sorry!)

Pick Up Location: Woodside Elementary School Gym
Address: W236N7465 Woodside Road, Sussex, WI 53089 (Enter through the doors marked “Gymnasium”)

Please bring a cooler, box or bag to to transport your items home as we do not usually have those!

If you cannot pick up your items during the specified times, you must make other arrangements for someone to pick up your items for you or contact Colleen Boehm for a late pick up.  We cannot store frozen/refrigerated items. Thanks!

2016-2017 Order Deadline / Pick up Calendar:

October Ordering Deadline: Tuesday, Sept 27 / Pick-Up: Thursday, Oct 6
November Ordering Deadline: Tuesday, Oct 25 / Pick-Up: Thursday, Nov 3
December Ordering Deadline: Friday, Nov 18 / Pick-Up: Thursday, Dec 1
January: no January order!
February Ordering Deadline: Tuesday, Jan 24 / Pick-Up: Thursday, Feb 2
March Ordering Deadline: Tuesday, Feb 21 / Pick-Up: Thursday, March 2
April Ordering Deadline: Tuesday, March 28 / Pick-Up: Thursday, April 6
May Ordering Deadline: Tuesday, April 25 / Pick-Up: Thursday, May 4



You may place your order online by clicking the above button “Order Form”.  Please be sure to send in your payment to your school on time, as we can only purchase food to fill orders that have been paid!

You can mail your payment to:

Woodside Elementary
c/o The Traditional Table
W236 N7465 Woodside Road
Sussex, WI 53089

Make checks payable to: Woodside H&S.

If you have a student at Woodside you may also send in your payment to school marked “The Traditional Table.”  PLEASE make sure your check is clearly marked with the name of the person who places the online order, even if it is just in the notes!

If you have any questions about this fundraiser, these companies or products, or would like to volunteer to help at distribution, please contact Colleen Boehm at or 262-820-2493.

Happy & Healthy Cooking!