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Salt restrictions don’t help!

Salt restrictions don’t help!

Have you cut out salt from your diet and you still have high blood pressure?  You might want to read this great article! I love when a group can look at past research and the conclusions drawn and say “you were wrong”!! After all, science isn’t always right, but it is always changing and growing! It is sad that this former study group implied that people can’t avoid salt because it is in all processed foods. Instead of telling them to stop eating processed food (gasp!), they just told them to restrict their salt. Never mind that we need salt to be healthy. Never mind that all salt is not created equal!  Nevermind that health is rarely determined by ONE thing that we do!

If you are on a salt restricted diet (especially if you are also on meds to help with your blood pressure), you might want to give this a read.  Then go online and do further research on the causes of high blood pressure, on the timing of when high blood pressure (or the diseases thought to be caused by high blood pressure) started becoming a problem in this society and what was happening in our culture at the same time that might have affected it, and also on what past cultures ate and whether they had specific health problems. Also, find out what the side effects of your medicine are, especially if you are taking other medicine to counteract those side effects!  If you think you don’t have side effects, know that EVERY medicine has some side effects, whether or not you even notice them.

You also might want to ask yourself/your doctor some hard questions like “who benefits if you follow your doctor’s order… for the rest of your life?” (because the meds aren’t designed to heal your high blood pressure, they are designed to manage it) and “how much training did you(r doctor) receive in nutrition?”  If they say one class you might want to rethink whether they truly can be considered knowledgeable in that area.  After all, I took one class once in Calculus (2, actually!), one in poetry, one in organic chemistry…and I am absolutely certain you would not want to take advice or tutoring from me on any of those subjects now!!  If your doctor isn’t really knowledgeable in an area, then perhaps, on that topic, he or she isn’t the person from whom to get advice!

My goal, as always, is to get you to ask “Why?”, to question authority.  to be your own health advocate!!  Your health deserves that!

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Warning about the honey you get at the grocery store!

Warning about the honey you get at the grocery store!

So you go to the grocery store, knowing that some sweeteners are worse for you than others.  Honey is all natural, and it’s all the same, right?  And you are in a grocery store, so of course the food there is safe, right? Think again!

Honey comes from bees.  It can be extracted right from the hive and eaten, full of all the glorious vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidents and pollen that the bees put there.  Or it can be extracted, heated, filtered, and mixed with other things to make it more runny, more clear, or eek out a little bit more money per pound.  And how will you know?  Without a chemistry lab in your basement, I am not sure you can know.  So you have to consume by blind faith in all the unknown people who have touched that bottle of honey since it came out of the hive.

So, instead you could go to your local farmer’s market.  That’s better, right?  Probably. But even when you go the Farmer’s Market, you still need to ask where the hives are located (ie in the farmer’s fields close by or in some field in China!)!! And while you’re there don’t forget to make sure you ask how it was extracted and what they do to “process” it!  If they say it has never been heated or filtered, take a look at it.  If it is warm, it might be pourable and see-though.  But there is also a chance it will be crystallized.  Generally, honey that has been heated to high temperatures doesn’t crystallize, or it takes a long time for that to happen.  Here are some benefits of raw honey (honey that has never been heated or processed).  The point here is to make sure the honey is from your area, and that there has been nothing added to it (and ideally, nothing removed from it either!).

Bottom line…Get to know some farmers! Having farmers you know and trust, who don’t use chemicals, drugs or GMO’s, will make your shopping easier and your bodies healthier. If they believe in and love what they are doing (regardless of what type of farming practices they use) they should have no problems telling you what’s in/on their products or how they grew or raised it. I have walked away from more than one farmer at a FM when I got the “um…well, not really….” kind of answer.  And shopping local is a great way to save money, support your local economy AND be more “Green”!

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Government policy makers used to work for Monsanto!

This image was posted on the Facebook page of Doc Jon.

Many of you have seen my posts regarding Monsanto Corporation and the illness their products create. This week Vladimir Putin said he has had enough as well. He threatened the US that things need to change and Monsanto needs to stop. I compiled a list of current and past employees of this company and their relationship to the US Government. If this doesn’t SCREAM corruption i don’t know what will? Please share this!!!!!


See a problem??? Can you say “CONFLICT OF INTEREST?”

When you see a conflict of interest, what does it make you question?  What SHOULD it make you question?  Does this list make you feel confident that all product approvals, many that were done with NO INDEPENDENT testing and then silently inserted into foods being given to your children, are actually valid?  Does it make you feel that the EPA, the USDA, and the FDA are unbiased and working hard to keep US safe?  Does is make you certain that cases brought against Monsanto, even in front of the US SUPREME Court, are fair and just? Perhaps these are questions that more Americans need to be ask!


Non-Approved Genetically Modified Wheat Found In Oregon Field

Non-Approved Genetically Modified Wheat Found In Oregon Field

If you are on the “wheat is bad” bandwagon, wait until you hear this! GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Wheat isn’t approved for planting in the US and yet it has SOMEHOW turned up in an Oregon field, noticed by a farmer who could not kill it and didn’t want it there!

How could that happen?  Well, before a GMO plant goes to market, it has to go through testing.  Unbelievably, the corporate test fields are located in the open air, where the GMO pollen can contaminate the crops of any unknowing farmers for as far as the wind, birds and bees can carry the pollen! But I am guessing that is part of a plan. After all, I am pretty sure we learn in grade school how pollination works and that by it’s very nature, we can’t control it to any high degree!  So if they KNOW that, then it must be part of their plan, right? Certainly no person in their right mind would test a potentially toxic product where it was likely to cause harm to unknowing bystanders unless they wanted to harm said bystanders, right?  I am just trying to process this through some basic logic!

Too bad other countries are willing to burn entire fields in the name of citizen health & safety, but the US is willing to accept only corporately funded “science” to call it safe. Every time I pass by a field growing anything now I wonder…is that a GMO field? What happens if I breathe in GMO pollen? Well, likely no studies have been done so we really have NO IDEA!   They should have to post big Mr. Yuck signs!  **sigh** I’ll be honest. This fight makes me tired some days. I just want to feed my family and be healthy. It shouldn’t be this hard.

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