About Me

About Me

Welcome to A W.H.A.T. Mom, the online home of the W.H.A.T. Network, a support network for people who realizing we need to rethink the basics of health, in body, mind, Spirit and environment and want to live a joyful life that is Wholesome, Healthy and Traditional!

My name is Colleen. I am momma to two budding real foodies, wife to a husband who supports (but doesn’t always embrace) my food choices (he is my picky eater!), and child of the One who gave us all these amazing resources for our health!  As I learn more about our food and sick-care systems, and simultaneously learn more about traditional cultures and their foods and health, I am more and more convinced at how off-track we have gotten over the last 100 or so years as corporately-funded science and profit-seeking became the sources of our food and health information. As I transition my family back to a more traditional diet and experience the positive (and AMAZING!) healing effects from those changes, I feel called to share what I have learned with people I love.  I am honored and blessed that many people have asked me to walk with them, and I get to witness the positive health effects in their lives as well.  So, I hope you will pour yourself a glass of tea (or kombucha!) and poke around to see all the interesting things that you will find here!

*Disclaimer – I am not a trained medical personnel.  I have never been to medical school, nor do I ever intend to go.  Everything I have learned, I have learned by reading books and other trusted blogs, by looking at traditional cultures that had little (or no!) chronic disease, and by working with people who are trained in their area of health care.  I don’t claim to know everything, in fact I claim to have a lot to learn, and a lot to re-learn from the past 30-some years.  I believe people need to treat their medical professionals as any other service provider in their lives…as humans who might know more about a certain subject but likely still have a LOT to learn.  Nothing I write on this blog is intended to diagnose or treat your medical condition.  It is intended only to make you think more critically and ask more questions of the people you trust with your health (from the guy who owns your local supermarket where you do all your shopping to your pediatrician, and everyone in between).  You are your best health advocate.  Research and learn, research and learn some more, look to the past for guidance, and then act in the way YOU believe is best.  Despite what some would have us believe, you don’t have to have letters after your name to be capable of understanding our health AND how to improve it!

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